Detailed Study into Profile of HWZ Audience

In most consumer sectors, there is always this age group or minimum education level or occupation type or minimum household income, or a combination of one or more that constitutes the core target audience.

Based on August Nielsen research data on demographics via their Market Intelligence, we had done a detailed breakdown of the HWZ audience profile against the market average.


Contrary to the seemingly obvious, HWZ does have quite an even spread of male and female readers at 58% to 42% respectively. This is a clear indication that female readers nowadays are generally quite tech savvy and at the same time find HWZ content useful for in their tech purchases decision making.

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Display banners are dead, or are they?

If you have stayed long enough in the media industry, the above wouldn’t sound unfamiliar to you. So are display banners really dead? Without thinking too much, it does seems so with the falling click-through rate (CTR). And with the whole industry still using CTR as a basis of measurement of campaign performance, it’s bad news for publishers, like us.

CTR is a function of total ad impressions and with more people spending more time in the online media, there is an explosion of available ad impressions. Coupled this with the fact that these days people are generally averse to advertisement; more ad impressions, less desire to click on advertisements, a falling CTR is almost certain.

That is one of the core reasons why in recent years, one sees the rise of ad networks and ad exchanges and now even demand side platforms. To be fair, these various options exist to help advertisers maximize their marketing dollars because no one advertiser has the budget to buy in millions or billions or even trillions of ad impressions.

Let’s pause to think – is there no other way to solve this problem?

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HWZ Debuts “You Say, I Give” (uSiG) Community Engagement

HWZ debuts “You Say, I Give” community engagement program on Aug 22 as part of a continuous effort to engage her community. It is designed to give an outlet for community to air their views and opinions of a certain product or service, no holds barred.

In this uSiG debut, we are putting up the widely popular Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This product itself has spun off multiple threads within our forums, 1 most noticeably had started since May this year and till date is a whopping 51 page long thread.

In less than 48 hours of uSiG launch (launched on 22 Aug 8pm), it has amassed more than 200 responses and raked in more than 3,500 views.

You Say, I Give is a new an innovative means which HardwareZone intends to reach out to our massive online community. By starting discussions on popular topics among a tech-savvy target audience, we nurture and foster bonds between ourselves as content providers and our consumers. More importantly, our members are rewarded for doing what they love; by simply involving themselves in generating an online buzz and providing their honest opinions, they stand to be rewarded with tech gadgets and prizes in high demand.“, says Ethan Leong, HWZ Community Management.

uSiG is not just limited to technology, but also to lifestyle sectors. For example, we can do a uSiG under our Travel and Accommodation forum for our travel enthusiasts. Through this, we have insights into the general consumer’s perception into a particular product or service and more importantly, useful feedback for the brand owner for future product or service enhancements.” says Lim Chuan Jer, GM, New Media.

uSiG will be a permanent feature of HWZ Forums with more than 30 forums channels, spanning across technology and lifestyle.